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masterAdd build status to readmeGravatar Jordan Doyle 8 weeks
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2020-08-03Add build status to readmeHEADmasterGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-08-03Add JenkinsfileGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-13Grab 2fa codes on 'get' rather than a separate totp call to backendGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07Rename --show-uuids short param from 'i' to 'u'Gravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07Share tree output with search for more intuitive UIGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07Make calls to the backend asynchronousGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07onep-backend-op rustdocGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07onep-api -> onep-backend-api & onep-api-op -> onep-backend-opGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-07Add option to generate passwordsGravatar Jordan Doyle
2020-07-06Rename binary to 1pGravatar Jordan Doyle