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masterBump twisted from 17.5.0 to 19.7.0Gravatar dependabot[bot] 18 months
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2019-10-31Bump twisted from 17.5.0 to 19.7.0HEADmasterGravatar dependabot[bot]
2019-06-22don't mald quotesGravatar dave
2019-05-15Fix parsing of pollen count from the BBC weather websiteGravatar dave
2019-05-14Import the correct function for RANDOM()Gravatar dave
2019-05-14Use RANDOM() instead of trying to implement random ourselvesGravatar Jordan Doyle
2019-05-06fix syntaxGravatar Jordan Doyle
2019-05-06remove attributes from quotesGravatar Jordan Doyle
2019-04-28Add the GPL badge to reaffirm the reposertory's commitment to the open source...Gravatar Jordan Doyle
2019-03-30Sign the previous commits from daveGravatar Jordan Johnson-Doyle
2019-03-30better quote ergonomicsGravatar dave